Kingdom Karnage - Xmas 2022 Event

Merry Christmas from the Kingdom Karnage Team

2 min readDec 2, 2022

We welcome you to the 3rd Kingdom Karnage Christmas event!

All through December, loot Xmas keys, play our Christmas Dungeon and loot an exclusive Christmas character: Skellimas.

The Christmas Dungeon

You will need to find one of our Xmas Keys to enter the dungeon. These single-use keys will drop with reasonably high frequency in all dungeons across Kingdom Karnage. There’s no limit to the number of Christmas Dungeon runs you can do in a day, it’s time to level that Skellimas!

Skellimas will be in every Christmas Dungeon encounter, defeating him before winning the dungeon will guarantee a Skellimas card loot. Be careful, defeating the enemy hero before Skellimas will result in normal dungeon loot (and not Skellimas).

Skellimas was introduced in the Kingdom Karnage 2020 Christmas event. He is exclusively available in December and is currently the only “Range 4” character in the game making him extremely sought after.

You can read more about Skellimas in our Skellimas Character Spotlight

What are you waiting for!? Loot Skellimas today!

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